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Arkansas Razorbacks To Play In Texas Bowl vs The Longhorns In Houston

Dust off that old hatey rage!

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

We're going to need a lot of contributions for this game's Reasons to Hate.

The Razorbacks will play in the Texas Bowl against the Longhorns in Houston on Monday, December 29th, at 8pm.

This is obviously a huge win for Arkansas. Hog fans are excited to play in just about any bowl after the last couple of years, but to get to play it against the program's most hated opponent in a great stadium in a recruiting hotbed? Couldn't ask for anything else.

Texas finished 6-6 this year and ended the season getting blown out by TCU. They, like Arkansas, struggled on offense this year but had a solid defense. They averaged 22.6 points per game and gave up 23.3.

Of course, the Longhorns' new coach this season is Arkansas native Charlie Strong, but this is Hogs 'n Horns. That's not anywhere near the top storyline. The is Bret Bielema's chance to beat Texas, which if it's possible to firmly establish yourself in Hog lore, that's a quick one.

This is Arkansas' first trip to the Texas Bowl in Houston. The Razorbacks won the 1982 Bluebonnet Bowl in Houston against Florida. This is the second time Arkansas has met Texas in a bowl game, the first being the 2000 Cotton Bowl, which the Hogs won, and the fifth time the two have faced off since Arkansas left the Southwest Conference. The two schools are 2-2 against each other in the previous four games.