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Bret Bielema Press Conference Tweetcap - November 4th

Some key injury notes and a big update on Korliss Marshall.

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Seems like Toliver has been "should be full go" for a couple weeks now. We'll see. You know he'd like to go against his home-state school.

Hogs need Jefferson back. Arkansas needs the depth on the line.

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<p>Coach B: Dan Skipper has been battling a turned ankle, but should be good to go by next week.</p>

— Hawgs Illustrated (@HImagazine) <a href="">November 5, 2014</a></blockquote>

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Seems like the bye week is good for everybody. It's really nice that the Razorbacks get one this week while LSU is grinding against Alabama on Saturday.

Woo hoo! A legit threat on kickoff returns...returns!

All four phases, even punt return? I thought that was settled.

Oh, ok. Jared Cornelius looked pretty good there I thought.

There you go, Chaney haters: "You have to look at the call".

Yeah, me too. That'd be nice.

That'd also be nice. He's made a few big catches this year. You know who has the power to make that happen? You do, Coach!

One other notes nobody tweeted about: Asked if he would have gone for 2 if the Hogs had scored on one of those late drives if Arkansas would have gone for two, Bielema responded that he didn't want to tip his cap in case he's in that situation again....but he did think that being aggressive on the road is generally a good idea. So it sounds like he might have gone for two and may in that situation in the future.

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