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Arkansas vs Mississippi State Preview: Q&A with For Whom the Cowbell Tolls

Justin Sutton of our brother site, For Whom the Cowbell Tolls, was kind enough to take some time and discuss the #1 team in all the land.

Andy Lyons

AF: Arkansas QB Brandon Allen has already been quoted saying, "I really don't see the cowbells being that big an issue for us." Does this just feed the CLANGA beast even more?

FWTCT: With Mississippi State fans ringing responsibly now, there should be less ringing when under center, but now, many fans are doing what they always needed to do-make noise on their own.  The A&M and Auburn games were two of the loudest games at Mississippi State.  So while the cowbells may not intimidate Allen, he will still be playing in a loud environment.

AF: How ironic is it that the athletic director at the school you're about to play, is the chairman of the CFB playoff committee that just named you the #1 team in the country? His team clearly gains a marketing advantage by getting a shot at the #1 team in the country. But, crazy conspiracy theories aside, how does it feel to be the #1 team in the country?

FWTCT: Being No. 1 in the country is still a strange feeling.  When it has never happened, you wonder if it will end, and you hope it does not.  You have to enjoy that it is happening, but the stress level of watching a game is much higher.

AF: Let me get this straight. The Kansas City Royals were in the World Series. The Arizona Cardinals have a two game lead in the NFC West. Mississippi State is the #1 team in college football. Are these signs of the apocalypse?

FWTCT:  We've joked about this, but it might be. You have to consider that tropical storms have threatened Alaska and Yemen.  How often does that happen? EBOLA!!!!!!!!!!  Yeah, the world might be getting ready to come to close here shortly. Just let the Bulldogs win the national title first.

AF: Dak Prescott is the clear front-runner, in my eyes, for the Heisman Trophy. Isn't it about time for him to steal some crab legs or something to insure that trophy is a lock?

FWTCT: That is the great thing about Prescott...he is the type of person for whom you can enjoy cheering. I'm not ready to call him the clear front runner, but he has the big stage the rest of the way.  With a few huge games down the stretch, he will be in position to snag that hardware.

AF: I know this is a little down the road, but are you guys worried about Dan Mullen getting picked up by someone else in the off-season?

FWTCT: I think you have to just accept that if you are successful, people will be after your coach.  I'd much rather face that issue than the issue of no one wanting our coach.  I think Mullen likes it in Starkville, but I also know that a coach could always walk.  If he stays, great.  If he leaves, and I don't think he will, then all II could say is thanks for the accomplishments at Mississippi State.

AF: Prediction

FWTCT: I think this will be a fun game.  It is strength on strength when Arkansas has the  ball.  At the end of the day, I think the Bulldogs will pick up a victory in the 41-27 range.