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Arkansas Razorbacks Internet Chatter: September 16, 2013 - Rutgers Prep, Southern Miss Review, Jen Bielema

News, notes, and interesting stuff from around the interwebs.

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Arkansas ran the football 56 times on Saturday to just 11 pass plays. So, if you're looking ahead to Rutgers-Arkansas next weekend, especially with both quarterbacks questionable, just prepare for the run. Rutgers is one of the few schools in the nation with a running back with more yards than either of the Hogs' feature backs. I can see it now; 11 guys in the box on defense, combatted by a power run to the right side for no gain. Should be fun.

Following the injury to Brandon Allen late in the first quarter on Saturday, Hog fans got to see QB2 in action. And what we saw was shakiness, a fumbled snap, and a mere six passes. AJ Derby would eventually settle in and run the offense effectively enough to beat a team that had lost 14 straight, and not burn Austin Allen's redshirt.

After another so-so performance from Arkansas (at least on the offensive side), how do the Hogs stack up this week among SEC foes? Athlon has come out with its own power rankings after week 3. I understand it's tough to judge if a team got any better while playing a really bad team (to put it lightly), and losing it's starting QB, so I can't blame Athlon for having Arkansas where they do.

The Arkansas defense was the bright spot against Southern Miss, allowing only three points, holding its first three opponents to under 300 yards of offense. In the win, DE Chris Smith earned SEC defensive lineman of the week with three sacks. Alex Collins also earned SEC freshman of the week honors again. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Jen Bielema, the first lady of Arkansas football, has a reason why Wisconsin lost to Arizona State in Tempe last weekend. She says it's because the Badger QB ran to his left, went to take a knee and #karma. It was a tweet directed in the general vicinity of the entire UW family, and Badger fans weren't up for it. Just read the responses. They show no mercy.