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Arkansas Football Countdown: 25 Days- Jojo Wynn


Arkansas football will be played before this month is over. It's something that was running through my head all day yesterday, that a four week period will not pass without a football game for a good while. And now, neither will a 25 day period.

That means today's honoree is redshirt freshman tailback Jojo Wynn of Darien, Georgia. Wynn was a four sport athlete, lettering in baseball, basketball, track,where he was part of the 4x100 State Champion team, as well as football.

Wynn was obviously best suited for football, carrying it in particular; he rushed for 2,500 yards and 26 touchdowns in two seasons for McIntosh County Academy. Unfortunately, he missed a promising senior season with injury.

That didn't hinder his recruiting too much, as he wound up here in Arkansas. With a large stable of backs for the Hogs this year, Wynn will need to run in his high school form to standout. But he could be apart of the recipe for things to come. See you in 25 days.

Also, freshman safety Alex Brignoni will also be wearing #25.