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Arkansas Football Countdown: 18 Days - Zach Hocker

Nelson Chenault-US PRESSWIRE

As a Hog fan, it's tough to forget the woes of the Alex Tejada years. Time after time you count on a guy, and each time, you fall short. However, with years gone by since those days, Arkansas special teams have put their best foot forward (lol).

That foot obviously connects to the leg of senior kicker Zach Hocker, a man who has helped ease the pain of those memories for us Razorback faithful.

With his senior year still yet to be played, his stats right now put him solidly in the discussion of the best Razorback kickers ever. The 6-0, 184 lb kicker from Russellville sits at or near the top of nearly every Arkansas kicking stat. He holds the record for points by a kicker (287) and PATs made (143). His 75% field goal conversion rate is second in school history (48/64) and his 48 field goals are fourth most in Arkansas history. And most importantly, he's never cost Arkansas a game.

On kickoffs, he kicks an average of 66.6 yards and has recorded 79 touchbacks.

With one season to go, Hocker is the SEC's active leader in PATs made, total points, and points per game.

Hocker can set his bar much higher in his senior season, and if he does, he could sit atop Arkansas kicking history with the late great Steve Little. Hocker may never kick a 67 yard field goal, but certainly all else is within reach.

So, with 18 days to go, we bid you good luck on your senior year, Mr. Hocker.