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Arkansas Football Countdown: 30 Days Until Kickoff

30 Days left and #30 Clinton Lee & Weston Dacus

Wesley Hitt

Former #30 Weston Dacus wore the number well. He was a reliable linebacker for the Hogs. He made big plays that eventually led him to being signed by the Kansas City Chiefs. He is no longer with the Chiefs, but was great Hog while he was in Fayetteville.

In 2013 Clinton Lee will be wearing number 30 for the Arkansas Razorback Football Team. Lee is a redshirt sophomore from Amarillo, Texas. Lee will be behind stud fullback Kiero Small and Patrick Arinze on the depth chart. The 6'0 212 pound fullback will be able to make an impact on the sophomore, and if we learned anything from last season it is that he better be ready to play in case of injuries.

(Ed. note: Lee was on the roster following the spring, but is not listed in the fall media guide that was recently released. There is no #30 listed in that guide.)

My favorite number 30 in Arkansas sports history is an easy choice. The best number 30 is easily Scotty Thurman. The 3-pointer that clinched the 1994 National Champion game, still gives me chills when I watch it. Thurman's son is a wide receiver on the football team and he is the Director of Student-Athlete Development at the U of A.

Only 30 days left people. 1 little month.