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Sausage Links - February 22, 2013

Wilson's draft status, a future Hog, possible post-season for basketball, and a former Hog finds a new home.

Mike Zarrilli

The NFL Draft is nearing and no one has any idea where former Hog quarterback Tyler Wilson will end up. He has been listed anywhere and everywhere between the number one QB and the number 6. Wilson knows where he should go and he thinks it should be in the first round. David Smith from NBC Sports has more on Wilson and his opinion of himself.

Juan Day has somewhat been in the shadow of Altee Tenpenny the past few years at North Little Rock High School. Day was his backup, but unlike Tenpenny, Day is all Hog. He recently committed to the Hogs and has the ability to be just as good as anyone. His cousin Cedric Cobbs was pretty good too (understatement). I think most Hog fans remember C-4 running all over everyone until he was injured, but still ended up with a pretty impressive career. Richard Davenport of Whole Hog Sports has more on Day.

The Razorback basketball team has been getting the wins they've needed as of late. The big question is, "Can they end the season by winning a few road games?" If not the Hogs have a good chance of going to the NIT. If they can win the rest of the games and just drop one game, they may be going to the dance. That's a lot to ask for a team that has only won one away game all year, but we will see. Mr. SEC breaks down a few teams that seem to be headed to the NIT. I still have hope for a tourny appearance, but my money is on the NIT.

Former Razorback receiver turn NFL safety George WIlson is on the move. After 7 years with the Buffalo Bills he has fond a new home with the Tennessee Titans. Wilson has been a productive player and should help a pitiful Titans secondary. Randy Booth of SB Nation has more on Wilson's move.