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Arkansas vs Mississippi State Preview Q&A with For Whom The Cowbell Tolls

We caught up with justinrsutton, leader of the fine SB Nation site for Mississippi State, For Whom The Cowbell Tolls, to gain some insight on Arkansas' next opponent.

Grant Halverson

1. In order for Arkansas to win Saturday, they will have to tackle Dak Prescott. Or will they? How banged up is Prescott coming out of Bama week? What about the rest of the team?

The quarterback spot is a bit of a mess. This week, Dan Mullen has listed both Dak Prescott and Tyler Russell as day-to-day, but he has hinted that either of those two, or Damien Williams may end up starting.

2. What do you make of the very respectable showing against Alabama the Bulldogs put up last week? Was that purely a product of the Tide's indifference, or did State manage to find some momentum in a 13-point loss? Did they snatch moral victory from the jaws of defeat?

Folks love to talk about the "LSU Hangover," but most of Alabama's problems came from the play of the Mississippi State defense. Alabama is not a program that gets indifferent. Their defense sure did not play indifferently. That was not an indifferent hit on Brandon Holloway.

I guess you can call it a moral victory, but people are tired of hearing those words around Starkville. Mississippi State stayed relatively mistake free, and they played with intensity for four quarters. If they had done that all year, they would have at least three more wins right now, maybe more.

3. Wait, what the hell is your punter's name again?

I think it is Devon Swedenburg.

4. What's going on with Mullen? He's been there long enough to be wearing on some folks, despite elevating the program as much as he has. Is his seat getting warm or are Bulldog fans still satisfied with him?

Overall, yes, most Mississippi State fans still support Dan Mullen. However, there is a vocal segment that has given up on Mullen. Barring two blow out losses, most likely Mullen will be on the sidelines in 2014. However, I would not be surprised to see some pressure on him going into 2014.

5. What names should Hog fans listen for from the Bulldogs defense? Seems like y'all always have at least one stud defensive lineman and a lockdown corner. Any different this season?

Freshman Chris Jones has just shown total growth and improvement all year. Any of the Mississippi State linebackers are worth watching, but as far as new names, watch out for Benequez Brown and Richie Brown. In the secondary, Jamerson Love has had the opportunity to make some plays, and Taveze Calhoun snagged two picks off of A. J. McCarron.

6. Despite having some great games over the years, Arkansas has enjoyed pretty one-sided success against State, and fans generally doesn't have much ill-will toward the Bulldogs. How are things from the other perspective. Is this a matchup worthy of hate in Starkville?

I do not think there is much of a reason to have ill-will towards Arkansas. I think it is a game that many MSU fans feel the Bulldogs can win most years. There have been many close games, but for some reason, many just have not gone the way the Bulldogs needed them to go.

7. Speaking of Starkville, what is it's preferred nickname among locals? StarkVegas, Starkganistan, or one even more obscure and horrid? Fayetteville has all but embraced "Fayettenam" with open arms.

When I was Mississippi State, many of the locals preferred "A Certified Retirement Community."

8. What is something that could happen Saturday on the field that would completely shock Arkansas fans, while being completely unsurprising to Mississippi State fans?

The way this season has gone, nothing will shock many MSU fans Saturday other than multiple made field goals. I guess, if Damien Williams starts, that would surprise Arkansas fans, but not too many MSU fans keeping up with the situation.

9. How do you see the game playing out Saturday? Care to offer a score prediction?

Arkansas looks like they have a way to go to get back to where they were. I think the Razorbacks keep it close early, but Mississippi State pulls away late. I think something like 27-17. If Damien Williams has to start, then all bets are off with a true freshman making his first start in the SEC.