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Arkansas Razorbacks Internet Chatter: October 14, 2013 - Irwin-HIll Player of the Week, Alabama Predictions, Boss Hog Information

News, notes, and interesting stuff from around the web.

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Are you searching for positives after Saturday's embarrassing loss to South Carolina, too? It's obviously tough to have positives in a game in which you only run 37 plays on offense, and pass for 30 yards. But Arkansas had a Player of the Week winner despite the losing effort. Punter Sam Irwin-Hill earned the special teams player of the week award for his stellar kicking performance and ability to kick footballs long distances. Hooray, punting.

It feels like a punishment of some sort. First, our asses are handed to us on our own homecoming by Steve Spurrier, and now we have to travel to Alabama this weekend? What Arkansas did to deserve this, I'll never know. Arkansas opens as a 28-point underdog in Tuscaloosa, and most Bama fans are confident, as they should be, that the Tide can cover. Read the Alabama message boards for early score predictions. There's a Kentucky-Arkansas comparison, and now I'm officially over football season.

Since it's so tough to find positive news to bring to you today, I'm giving you a feature I recently wrote for the Arkansas Traveler on Boss Hog, the beloved inflatable Arkansas mascot. The man inside the costume has been a friend of mine for a long time, and took the time to give me the inside info on what goes into prepping for a game day. If you're having a hard time finding Boss Hog, he's more than likely the one bouncing on his head. Lots of flare and personality in this year's Boss Hog.

University of Arkansas Vice Chancellor and Director of Athletics Jeff Long has been named the College Football Playoff's first chairman. The honor is a great one for the University of Arkansas, and Jeff Long also. Some believe this honor is a huge stepping stone for Long to take a more high profile job. Here's a short video of Long announcing himself as the head bro in charge.