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Arkansas Razorbacks Internet Chatter: October 11, 2013 - South Carolina Preview, Basketball Update

News, notes, and interesting stuff from around the web.

Streeter Lecka

Do you feel like you know everything about this weekend's game from an Arkansas standpoint? If so, check out South Carolina's SB Nation site, Garnet and Black Attack, and their stories leading up to the 11:21 am kick. If not, check their site out anyways. You can find Clowney updates, previews, and all that good stuff in this week's games stream.

Despite the current three game losing skid, I think we can agree this year's team, while completely different, is a big step forward from last year. This team appears more physical and is competing with teams for stretches of games with teams that have superior talent. It's been a pleasant surprise. But what do others think? Where does Arkansas stand at the midway point of its season? Team Speed Kills is here to answer this for you.

What are your predictions on this weekend's games? Do you think Arkansas can hang around with Spurrier and Clowney? What about Missouri going up against a beaten and battered Georgia team? Saturday Down South has your week 7 predictions all lined up. Point spreads are also included. Arkansas being a six-point dog at home is very tempting. The SEC has several intriguing games this weekend. Should be fun.

The Fastest 40 Minutes of Basketball is just around the corner, folks, and Mike Anderson is doing everything he can to get Arkansas back in the NCAA Tournament for the first time since the 2007-08 season. So what exactly is he doing with the team to get them prepared? Oh, you know, just 6 a.m. workouts with the U of A ROTC, and bringing in a sports psychologist to help with team chemistry. Anderson doesn't seem to be messing around this year, and I can dig it. I'm ready to watch meaningful Arkansas basketball in March.

Oh, and Clowney Comin'. Probably.