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Sausage Links - January 8, 2013

Early 2013 SEC rankings, Wilson's NFL draft stock, Baby Saban, and one sentence that covers your team's 2012 football season.

Mike Zarrilli

The college football season is sadly over. Pack up the tailgate equipment and start looking for parking passes for next year. Jason Kirk from SB Nation summed up each of the 124 teams in one sentence. The Arkansas sentence is painful and the video is even worse. I do like Idaho and LSU's sentences though. The Colorado State picture is pretty classic as well.

ESPN has put out their 2013 SEC football power rankings. Arkansas is listed at 12. Ugh. But it is just an early ranking and means nothing. I have a hard time seeing Auburn at 9 with because of the impressive staff that Coach Malzahn has put together. Ellis Johnson was a good hire and so was Tim Horton, but everybody else seems to be average. That and they have no idea who the quarterback will be. Maybe I am wrong though, but we will see when the games are played. Here is the complete list from ESPN. I bet you can't guess who number 1 is. Actually, it is pretty easy to guess.

The NFL season is not over yet, but it is never to early to start looking at the draft - especially when new names are coming out everyday. Matthew Fairburn of SB Nation has created his own mock draft and he has Tyler Wilson going surprisingly high. Wilson had an underwhelming senior season, but he showed a toughness and never-say-die attitude that one must respect. Fairburn has WIlson in the top-10. This seems like a stretch for me, but it is hard to handicap the Draft until after the NFL Combine.

Alabama is the National Champion again; therefore a baby will be named Saban in the near future. At least that's what one Alabama fan promised by writing it on her very pregnant stomach. Here is the story and pictures from We all knew Alabama fans were a little crazier than the rest, but how much farther are they willing to go? What's next? Will Tide fans start buying elephants as pets? Will they start sacrificing their first born children to Lord Saban. I don't know what they have in the water down there, but you can't argue with the results that they're getting.