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Year of the Quarterback / Depth Chart / Arkansas Edition

Did you catch ESPN's look at Tyler Wilson and the Arkansas program last night? If you did, I think you would agree that the network that hates us, haha, did a very nice job of spotlighting our program in general and Tyler Wilson as well as Brandon Mitchell more specifically. Petrino was not a big presence in the show, which didn't surprise me really. Instead, Garrick McGee and how he works with the quarterbacks took the spotlight. And man, what a spotlight! I was thinking what mom or dad wouldn't want their son to be coached by this guy? I jotted down a few things that I learned from the hour program. Would be interested in hearing your take on it if you got to watch it. If you missed it, I am sure they'll show it a few times more, most likely on ESPNU, so check those listings. 

* Tyler Wilson comes off as intelligent and just an all around good guy who is dedicated to the Arkansas program and becoming a better quarterback. And, hey, he wears Hog gear at his apartment just like I do! haha.

* Brandon Mitchell shares a house with what looked like other players. On Sundays he plays some basketball to unwind.

* Tyler Wilson's favorite quarterback in Brett Farve. But McGee reminds him of all of Farve's interceptions.

* Tyler Wilson likes Blue Bell Ice Cream. Puts it in his shakes.

* If Petrino had not won Tyler over, he would be playing for the University of Tulsa Golden Hurricane, uggh!

* Tuesday's practice is the "grind day" that is very physical and is when they put in the new game plan.

* McGee is apparently the good cop to Petrino's bad cop for the quarterbacks.

* McGee prefers that the quarterbacks overthow their targets if they are not on target, for our guys are fast enough to run down an overthrown pass. With that said, the only truly acceptable pass is an on target one.

* Tyler Wilson and McGee get in a slight argument about the phrase "Turbo Buffalo." Wilson doesn't like the sound of it. Overruled.

* "A lot of teams don't have one quarterback. We have two." Garrick McGee. He came off as being very confident in Brandon's abilities.

* You hear the voices of Chuck and Rich Schaeffer throughout the broadcast which begins with the team arriving in Fayetteville from Arlington and ends with the victory over Auburn. A good week to have the ESPN cameras there!

* Seeing the broadcast from the Catfish Hole, I got hungry for catfish!

* It is "1 2 3 Family!" out of the huddle at the end of practice. 

* In the football complex there is a wall of NFL helmets with the names of former Razorbacks under them who are playing currently in the NFL. I am thinking they must march every recruit down that hallway, right?

* Tyler Delivers. That is pizza to students who camp out in front of the stadium for the Auburn game.

* Friday has time set aside for meeting with the ESPN production crew.

* We see clips of the Hogs beating Auburn, but we also hear Garrick McGee tell the offense not to get into a "funk" once they have the lead.

Overall, I have to say this was a great advertisement for the program. I hope we can hold onto Garrick McGee as long as we can. I think we dodged a bullet when Tulsa decided not to take him. But I have a feeling that other programs are going to come knocking here in the near future. So too, however, should potential recruits who if they saw this documentary would have to be impressed with our Hogs. I surely was!