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Hog Hodge Podge: 7/26/10

After a week of traveling and partying with the jet set, we're trying to get back to business here at Expats headquarters. While we shake off the mental cobwebs, here are some links carefully chosen and tested for your perusal: 

• You Are What You Eat. Chris Bahn of AS360 has a look at the methods of Kurt Schmidt, the man in charge of the Razorback football team's nutrition education. Suffice to say, Schmidt favors a hands-on approach:

Schmidt actually accompanies players to the grocery store when they first arrive on campus. He’ll explain which foods are healthy options and how to eat nutritious meals on a budget. Instead of spending $7 for a turkey sandwich at a local restaurant, Schmidt and the training staff will explain the same sandwich can be made in a player’s apartment or dorm room for approximately $1.50.

• Easy on the Eyes. And by the way, if you haven't done so already, you should check out the newly redesigned AS360. Pretty snazzy.

Deuces Are Wild. Our friends over at The Razorbloggers have unveiled their SEC divisional predictions, and all four of the fellas say the Hogs will finish second in the West. But as Walking on Sunshine points out, one 'Bama-based scribed says Arkansas will turn in a clunker of a season and finish next-to-last in the division.

Mount Hogmore. Ever sit around wondering which Arkansas coaches should be carved into a Razorback equivalent of Mount Rushmore? Well, television station 40/29, Northwest Arkansas' ABC affiliate, has come up with its answer to the question that has caused many a sleepless night around these parts.

Inexplicably leaving off such towering figures as Lanny Van Eman, Jack Crowe and Dana Altman, the station says a "Mount Hogmore" should consist of Frank Broyles, Nolan Richardson, John McDonnell and Norm DeBriyn. Strangely, when contacted by one of our eager-beaver interns, Dick Vitale said that Coach K definitely belongs on there.