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Houston Nutt Caption Contest!

Sometimes, in the course of browsing around the series of tubes we call the Internet, one will come across a special picture. Not just any special picture, that stops you dead in your tracks and brings a smile to your face or a tear to your eye. One that's truly worth 1,000 words.

The image below is such a picture. And, because the simple minds here at Arkansas Expats, Inc are paralyzed by all the possibilities, we're turning the reins over to you...what should the caption be? Leave your best suggestion(s) in the comments section and our team of highly qualified judges will do a thorough review and pronounce a winner. Said winner will then be granted access to write a front-page Expats blog post about whatever you'd like, or if you're really lazy (and nice) maybe you can just request that we write something on your chosen topic.

At any rate, the floor is all your. Make the most of it!


Hat tip to Dr. Saturday for the picture. And for the record, unlike a lot of Hog fans we honestly don't have any ill will towards Houston Nutt. But, funny is funny so here we are.