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Eddie, Be Sure to Wear Some Flowers in Your Hair

I'm paraphrasing the old song about going to San Francisco because it seems that Eddie Sutton has signed on to be the new coach of the University of San Francisco Dons, effective immediately.

The circumstances are a little odd - Eddie is taking over a team in turmoil (attendance is slipping, players are being ruled ineligible, etc) and will probably need nametags for the players when he coaches them against Weber State tomorrow night. But, the opportunity offers him a chance to hit the very elite 800 wins plateau (he's currently at 798) and end his career on a better note than when he left Oklahoma State in 2006 after that drunk-driving incident.

On a personal note, I lived just a few blocks away from the USF campus for several years and can attest that it's about as far away from the college basketball environments of Arkansas, Kentucky or Oklahoma State as you can get. It's a small school situated in the middle of a typical San Francisco neighborhood, and the gym has a distinctly high school feel to it. But, the school does have some bball tradition (they won two national championships when Bill Russell was a student back in the 50s), so maybe Eddie can draw on that.

At any rate, it's nice to have Eddie Sutton back in the world of college basketball, and we wish him the best of luck (and I hope he got a nice financial deal out of this...real estate in SF is a bit pricer than in Stillwater).