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They Didn't Get the Memo

Over the past week and a half, we've spent a lot of time discussing the over-the-top media reaction to the hiring of Bobby Petrino (and let's face it: it's been a blast; if there's anything we Arkansans love, it's believing that the rest of the nation has it in for us).

However, in the interest of spreading good will as the Christmas holiday draws near, we'd like to point you toward the writings of some who must not have received the memo that they were supposed to overdose on outrage. (Big thanks to reader Dave Taylor for the heads up on these pieces.)

First off, head on over to to catch a glimpse of a piece by Jason Whitlock on the whole Arthur Blank-Michael Vick-Bobby Petrino saga. Whitlock's bottom line: He doesn't blame Bobby for leaving Atlanta.

Also, is positively ga-ga over the Hogs' hire, rating the move a 10 on a scale of 10. Sample quote: "[Petrino's] hiring by Arkansas and his arrival in the SEC alters the balance of power in that conference for as long as Petrino decides Arkansas is the place he wants to be."

Here's another: "[Tommy] Tuberville is a very good football coach, but Petrino is a great football coach."

And finally: "Bobby Petrino is a great hire for Arkansas!"

Does anyone know if Mrs. Petrino works for CoachesHotSeat?