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Wake Me When We Win a Road Game

(AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki)

That way, I will almost certainly be in for a long, deep and restorative sleep. Seriously, how can such a seemingly talented group of players be so bad on the road?

I went into yesterday's game hoping for a signature road win that would announce a new era in Hog hoops, much the way the January 1989 victory over Texas in Austin kicked off the MayDay/Big O era in earnest or the Arizona and Missouri wins in December 1992 jump-started the Corliss/Scotty years.

Instead, what we got was an unpleasant reminder of the preceding five seasons, when Stan Heath guided Arkansas to a truly remarkable 9-37 road record. 9-37!!

What was particularly frustrating about Saturday's game was how winnable it was. Despite shooting only 22 percent from three-point range and 53 percent from the line, the Hogs were right there until the end. But then, it seems like so many of the road losses in the Heath era were close as well.

Rainer Sabin of The Slophouse has a nice post on this subject, in which he asks, "Has losing on the road become a psychosomatic disorder for the Razorbacks?" I'm confident that Pelphrey will find the cure for these road woes, but the patient may be tougher to treat than expected.