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Bay Area Observations on Lane Kiffin

It's in the Bay Area I never figured that the local news would be a valuable source of info about Arkansas football, but I've been proven wrong.

In this week's edition of his regular podcast, David White, the Raiders beat writer for the San Francisco Chronicle, discusses the Lane Kiffin-to-Arkansas rumors with Chronicle sports editor Glenn Schwarz. As the guy who covers the Raiders every day, White is in as good a position as anybody to analyze Kiffin's mindset on the subject...listening to the podcast I was kind of expecting him to dismiss the rumors outright, but he actually seems to be of the opinion that Kiffin is a "college guy" and would definitely be open to leaving the NFL for a college job.

Anyway, they have an intelligent and interesting discussion on the topic for about five minutes. It's definitely worth a listen. And while you're investigating what folks in my neck of the woods have to say about all this, check out this column from San Jose Mercury-News columnist Tim's a really good analysis of how the rumors have gotten to this point.