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A State of High Anxiety

73_NuttI am in the process of moving, and these days I feel like I'm either always working or packing boxes and driving them over to my new place. My stress level is definitely elevated, and I was looking forward to watching Saturday's game and getting away from it all for a few hours.

Instead, all I found was another source of irritation. Afterwards, I was asking myself why I ever thought the 2007 Razorback football team would be the de-stresser that I needed.

But the stress I'm feeling these days is smaller than minuscule compared to what Houston Nutt has to be feeling. His tenure as head coach has absolutely no margin for error now. And with a revitalized Mississippi State and the number one team in the country looming on the horizon, the opportunities for error are enormous.

According to the folks over at, Houston should just go ahead and call the movers. Saturday's limp noodle of an effort has him back atop the site's weekly ranking of the coaches in the most trouble. Here's what the site's blog page has to say about Nutt's spot in this week's poll:

"Houston 'Oh Houston, where art thou 'Oh Houston? Houston is up the creek without a paddle, a boat, anything to eat, and those guys that got after Ned Beatty in Deliverance are rustling around in the bushes, is where Houston Nutt is at. It really is time to end this silliness in Fayetteville, and we have no doubt that Houston wants out as much as the Hog fans do, but 2 pesky games remain on the schedule ... Houston can either hang around and let those Deliverance boys do their business, or he can get out of town while the getting is good. Houston is smart enough to make that decision."

It's unclear to me if the site is saying that Houston should resign before the season is over or, once the season is over, simply quit before he's fired. Regardless, the end of an era is almost surely at hand.