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Anyone For Bowling?

Although we love the "guess who will be coaching the football team next year" game as much as anybody, Saturday's big win allows us to speculate on more positive matters, like which bowl game we'll play in (I'm still feeling so energized by the D-Mac and Felix show against South Carolina that I'll forsake the obvious joke about us losing the bowl game...just this once though).

The Northwest Arkansas Times wrote this morning that representatives from the Capital One Bowl, Chick-Fil-A Bowl and PetroSun Independence Bowl (personally, I miss the tradition and glory of the Poulan Weedeater Independence Bowl) were at the game last weekend. SI's Stewart Mandel put together his bowl projections and has us penciled into the Music City Bowl (against Wake Forest). Also, I was in Little Rock over the weekend (more on that later) and was listening to some pre-game radio shows where a frequent topic was how could we get to the Cotton Bowl. That seems a bit pipe-dreamish to me, but I guess with this crazy college football season you never know.

My prediction is that whatever bowl we play in will have a fairly ludicrous corporate sponsorship. How's that for a crystal ball? Cynicism about the bowl system aside, however, it's really nice to be writing a football-related post that's not a total downer. Here's hoping there are a few more on the horizon...

Lastly, a question for our commenters: which bowl do you think we'll wind up in? And what would be your ideal bowl situation?