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Thursday Hodge Podge

Forgive the slow posting of the last few days - I'm sure it's thrown you into an emotional tailspin. Both John and I have been busy with real-word matters lately; we're showing a frightening lack of priorities, I know. The pace will pick back up in the next day or so.

For now, here's some items of interest:

Four basketball Razorbacks made the media's pre-season All-SEC teams. Patrick Beverley made the first team, while Steven Hill, Sonny Weems and Charles Thomas were voted onto the second team. Can't wait for the season to start; I haven't been this excited about the basketball team in years.

• Click here to see the costumes McFadden and Jones wore for Halloween and click here to read all about it.

• Chris Bahn of says it's too early to count DMac out of the Heisman race.

• The Razorbloggers have unveiled their predictions for the Cock-Hogs tussle. They're split.

• Breathe deeply, Marcus: Monk learns patience.

• Ronnie Brewer had a very nice game in the Jazz's season-opening win.