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Blogs at, author of "African-American Athletes in Arkansas: Muhammad Ali's Tour, Black Razorbacks & Other Forgotten Stories"

The Razorbacks Won the NBA Playoffs’ Opening Weekend 

Joe Johnson, Bobby Portis and Patrick Beverley produced sublime performances in Game 1 wins

Arkansas’s Non-Dana Altman Tie to Oregon Basketball

The Ducks’ program was barely quacking by before this former Hogs coach.

Nolan on Anderson: “He’s Gonna Have To Do Some Extraordinary Things” 

Surpassing the Kareem Reid-Derek Hood-Pat Bradley era Hogs is a good start

Bielema Winning 2016 SEC Media Days Speechstakes So Far

Coach B's talk of Michigan-Arkansas voluptuousness, slapping on porcine mascara in the bathroom and reference to Austin Allen as a "nice little convenient thing" puts him firmly into the lead.

Bielema's ACL-less Cup of Coffee in the NFL

"I've got my helmet, I'm all taped up, and the guy says, ‘Hey, ‘Bu-limia.’"

Top 20 NBA Hogs In Each Major Offensive Category

Bobby Portis is already the second-best pro Razorback rebounder of all time, but he has a long road ahead of him to catch up with Joe Johnson's total career numbers.

Eddie Sutton and the 70s Were a Great Match

It was a great time for Hog basketball and crazy photos.

Q & A with Razorback Super Bowlers

Linebacker Dennis Winston and defensive end Brison Manor did their thing for some of the most memorable defenses in Super Bowl history.

At Last, Alex Collins Didn't Surprise Us

The path to Arkansas started when Bret Bielema told him: "I see men grow the most when it’s outside the state."

Another Kind of Diamond Mine Found in Arkansas

This time, it's a football specific one. Here's why Hunter Henry, Keith Jackson and D.J. Williams and a certain Buffalo Bill push all other cities to the back seat when it comes to tight end production.