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Missouri v Arkansas

Arkansas Off To Great Start with 2023 Recruiting Class

You can never count out the magic Sam Pittman has recruiting to Arkansas.

Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

We have heard the old saying, “You can’t recruit to Arkansas.”

Obviously, it isn’t that true considering Pittman’s classes since coming to Arkansas ranked higher each season. He has done a tremendous job of blending his classes with quality high school talent and transfers. This day and age transfers are a huge part of college athletics and there is no way around it. Each off-season, the recruiting out of the transfer portal has been better with each class due to the production the players are seeing on the field.

Arkansas has gone 12-11 in the two years under Sam Pittman after the Razorbacks went 4-18 under the previous regime. One good thing the previous staff did do was leave a solid 2019 recruiting class that gave this roster the star power it needed moving forward. Winning solves all your problems and that is what is helping on the recruiting trail thus far.

The Razorbacks currently sit third in the nation for the 2023 recruiting class. Since 2004 when recruiting services started to become popular Arkansas has never been this high at any point in a recruiting cycle. That in itself is a miracle considering where Arkansas has been for the past decade.

Arkansas received their biggest fish to this point when Luke Hasz announced his commitment to the Razorbacks in front of Pittman, staff and prospects during a “Junior Day” a couple of weeks ago. That certainly stirred the excitement for a class that was already ranked in the top 10. This class may not finish where they currently rank but they can absolutely finish in the top 10-12.

During his announcement, Hasz told other prospects what it meant to be a Razorback to him and invited others to commit with him as Arkansas has something special brewing. The Hogs already have several highly rated prospects committed including two other four-star tight ends in Shamar Easter and Jaden Hamm. Kaleb James and Dallas Young are also highly touted defenders and rated four-stars at their respective positions, too.

Names to keep an eye on as the summer months come and recruiting begins to heat up are Avery Johnson (4-star quarterback), Trey Holly (four-star running back), wide receiver Kyle Parker, Charles Jagusah (four-star offensive lineman), Brenden Jordan (four-star safety), Troy Ford (four-star linebacker), Quincy Rhodes (four-star defensive lineman), Ashton Porter (four-star defensive end), Tyler Gant (three-star defensive end), Koby Keenum (three star offensive lineman), Micah Tease and Cole Adams (four-star wide receivers), Connor Stroh (four star offensive lineman) and Karmelo Overton (four-star linebacker).

Current Razorback Commitments

  1. Luke Hasz: four-star tight end
  2. Shamar Easter: four-star tight end
  3. Jaden Hamm: four-star tight end
  4. Kaleb James: four-star defensive lineman
  5. Dallas Young: four-star defensive back
  6. Anthony Evans: three-star wide receiver
  7. Joey Su’a: three-star offensive lineman
  8. Everett Roussaw: three-star linebacker

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