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Former Diamond Hogs Signed After MLB Draft

This article will be continually updated until all players drafted are signed.

Arkansas had nine players drafted but not all of them have signed as of yet. Leaving a slim chance that they could return to Arkansas. However, according to this tweet from Dave Van Horn it looks like they could all be gone.

The Razorbacks had the second most players drafted this season behind UCLA (ten). The surprising number from this week is the negotiations in contracts for the former Diamond Hogs.

The well known Vanderbilt pitcher, Kumar Rocker was drafted with the tenth overall pick to the New York Mets. His signing bonus of $6 million dollars is $4.74 million above his slot value. What that shows to even the causal baseball fan is that the Major League Baseball clubs were saving money for their early round picks. Which would not benefit many of the Razorbacks that were drafted from the fourth round on.

Christian Franklin was drafted by the Chicago Cubs in the fourth round and 123rd pick. Franklin signed with the Cubs receiving a $425,000 bonus. The slot value for his pick was $464,000 which is just over an 8-percent drop in value.

Left-handed pitcher, Lael Lockhart was signed by the Los Angeles Dodgers at a very cheap price of $2500. That is $145,000 under the slot value for his pick (ninth round, 282nd pick).

Another left-handed pitcher, Caden Monke was drafted by the Kansas City Royals in the 14th round and 409th pick overall. Monke signed for slot value at $125,000.

The Pittsburg Pirates signed their sixth through tenth round picks way below slot value. One of them was $300,000 below slot value which likely to save money for earlier picks. Razorback signee, Braylon Bishop was one of those drafted by the Pirates who could benefit from his club saving money. According to Kevin Bohannon of Hawg Talk Media , Bishop could receive a fairly good bonus if the Pirates believe they have a shot. The 14th round pick could be paid more than the $125,000 cap. However, it would count against the Pirates amount of pool money for draft picks in the first ten rounds.

UPDATE: Bishop is still in talks with the Pirates organization. The initial offer included a signing bonus north of $125,000. According to Hawg Talk Media Baseball insider, Kevin Bohannon, “It is widely believed that Bishop would rather start his pro career than go to school for three years which gives the Pirates negotiating power.”

UPDATE: On Saturday, Razorback signee Jordan Viars signed with Phillies for $750,000. Which is just over $500 slot value. He was drafted with the 94th pick in the third round.

UPDATE: Ryan Costeiu signed with the Angels on Monday for $222,500. The going rate for a pick at 201 is the value of $229,700. His signing is just under the value.

UPDATE: Charlie Welch: 19th round 564th pick to the Mariners. Signed for $125,000.

UPDATE: Kevin Kopps, 3rd round 99th pick to the Padres. Slot value: $587,400. Signed for $300,000.

Other Hogs Signing Bonuses:

Casey Opitz: $90,000; Slot Value: $168,500

8th round, 244th overall pick to Chicago Cubs.


Patrick Wicklander: 8th round 251st pick to the Rays. Slot Value: $163,400

Ryan Costeiu: 7th round 201st pick to the Angels. Slot Value: $229,700

Elijah Trest: 19th round 560th pick to the Rockies