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LSU Defeats Arkansas + The Hogs NCAAT Outlook

NCAA Basketball: SEC Conference Tournament-Lousiana State vs Arkansas Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

LSU 78 Arkansas 71

Disheartening loss for the Hogs on Saturday to the LSU Tigers. LSU was the better team for 25 minutes. Arkansas had a great start to the game scoring 30 points in the first 10 minutes. The offense stalled after that. Ball movement wasn’t near the same level and LSU took advantage.

Arkansas scored just 7 points the rest of the half and were down by 3.

The start of the 2nd half was much like the 1st half. Arkansas was moving the ball and making it difficult for the LSU defense. Then it all changed again.

I want to give LSU credit. They played the best defense I’ve seen from them all season, but Arkansas definitely had many self-inflicted wounds. 16 turnovers, 8 missed free throws, and bad show selection all day.

It was tough to watch. LSU didn’t shoot particularly well. They just capitalized off of Arkansas mistakes better. LSU had 17 2nd chance points to Arkansas’ 6, but the Hogs had more offensive rebounds. Just demoralizing when that happens.

LSU built a lead to double digits, but Arkansas clawed back to within 1, but was unable to climb the final hurdle. LSU will face Alabama in the SEC Championship Game on Sunday.

Arkansas’ Tournament Outlook

The Hogs are definitely the type of team to make a legit run in the NCAAT. As always, it’s about the matchups. Who will the Hogs draw in the first weekend. I fully expect the Hogs to be granted a 3 seed. The Razorbacks had a chance at a 2 seed if they won the SEC Tournament. Arkansas would face a 14 seed in the First Round with the potential of facing a 6 or 11 seed in the 2nd round.

If Arkansas wants to make a run there needs to be some improvements made from this weekend:

-Turnovers. Arkansas committed 36 turnovers in their 2 games this weekend. That’s not a recipe for success.

-Run a real offense. In the Missouri game, Arkansas went stretches without running set plays. I understand playing freely, but this team is just better within set plays. We saw it again today against LSU.

I think Arkansas fans are in for a fun NCAA Tournament. The goal should be to make a Sweet 16. That is a monkey that has been on Arkansas’ back for far too long. Make a Sweet 16 and anything extra is icing on the cake.

The foundation has been laid for this program. How far can it go? Time will tell.

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