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Where Will Arkansas Basketball Be Ranked After Huge Week?

NCAA Basketball: Arkansas at Auburn John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

How did other AP Top 25 teams fare this week compared to Arkansas? Well, Hog fans know that the run for payback in the SEC has been taken care of with recent quad-1 wins against Missouri, Alabama and LSU. The latter of those were defeated in blowout fashion this week. Arkansas’ SEC win streak is up to nine in a row. How about those Hogs?

  1. Gonzaga: 24-0, 2 W’s over LMU and Santa Clara
  2. Baylor: 19-1, 1-1 this week. Win over Iowa State and loss to #17 Kansas
  3. Michigan: 18-1, 2 W’s over #9 Iowa and Indiana
  4. Ohio State: 18-6, 1 L to Michigan State and one game to be played vs #9 Iowa
  5. Illinois: 18-6, 2 W’s over Nebraska and #23 Wisconsin
  6. Alabama: 19-6, 1-1 this week. Win over Mississippi State and loss to #20 Arkansas
  7. Oklahoma: 14-7, 0-2 this week. Losses to Oklahoma State and Kansas State
  8. Villanova: 15-3, 1-0 this week. Win over St. John’s, game vs Butler on Sunday
  9. Iowa: 17-7, 0-1 this week with loss to #3 Michigan. Game vs #4 Ohio State on Sunday
  10. West Virginia: 17-6, 2-0 this week. W’s over TCU and Kansas State
  11. Florida State: 14-4, 1-1 this week. Win over Miami and loss to North Carolina
  12. Houston: 19-3, 2-0 this week, wins over Cincinnati and Western Kentucky.
  13. Creighton: 17-6, 1-1 this week win over DePaul and loss to Xavier.
  14. Texas: 14-7, 1-1 this week. Loss to to #18 Texas Tech and win over #17 Kansas.
  15. Virginia: 15-6, 0-2 this week. Losses to Duke and NC State
  16. Virginia Tech: 15-5, 1-1 this week with win over Wake Forest and loss to Georgia Tech
  17. Kansas: 18-8, 1-1 this week with loss to #14 Texas and win over #2 Baylor
  18. Texas Tech: 15-8, 1-1 this week with loss to Oklahoma State and win over #14 Texas.
  19. USC: 19-6, 0-2 this week with losses to Colorado and Utah.
  20. Arkansas: 19-5, 2-0 this week with wins over #6 Alabama and LSU.
  21. Loyola Chicago: 21-4, two wins over Southern Illinois.
  22. San Diego State: 19-4, 2-0 this week with wins over Boise State.
  23. Wisconsin: 16-9, 1-1 this week with win over Northwestern and loss to #5 Illinois.
  24. Missouri: 14-7, 1-1 this week with win over South Carolina and loss to Ole Miss.
  25. Tennessee: 16-7, 1-1 record this week with win over Vanderbilt and loss to Auburn

Could the Razorbacks crack the top 15? There are several teams ahead in the rankings that had losses to lesser or unranked teams. Arkansas has been streaking as of late. Would that be something the AP looks at when they rank the top 25 again?