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Younger Musselman Is Becoming A Twitter Savage

Last Friday afternoon Texas A&M cancelled their home game against the Arkansas Razorbacks, literally as they were loading the bus per Eric Musselman.

The Hog staff quickly tried to find a non-conference team to play for that Saturday. So they would reach out to Arkansas State for a Saturday matchup in Fayetteville. Per Richard Davenport the Red Wolves would decline the matchup and life would go you would think.

The story was that Arkansas State did not have an opponent for that Saturday. The Red Wolves were in contention to finish first in their league and a one-seed in the Sun Belt Conference Tournament. Ok, that’s cool. I am sure they didn’t want to risk an injury, blah blah blah. So, a news outlet caught up with head coach, Mike Balado on why they did not play the Razorbacks.

“We are no one’s little brother,” said Balado. Of course you aren’t. They are the stepbrother that no one cares about. The Redwolves have some kind of inferiority complex when it comes to anything concerning Razorback sports. For a certain amount of time their football program probably could have beaten the Razorbacks on any given day from 2017-2019. Maybe even the 2012-2013 seasons, too.

What I found comical was the absolute savage tweet from the younger Musselman. Michael quoted the interview one week later with a screenshot of the current Sun Belt standings. Good social media usage. He must have learned from his dad, Eric.