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There’s An Overreaction To Razorbacks Three Point Defense

NCAA Basketball: Northern Iowa at Arkansas Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Yeah, three point defense is a concern for the Arkansas Razorbacks Men’s Basketball team. Let’s be real though, Northern Iowa shot the nylon off the net in Arkansas’ 93-80 victory Wednesday night.

The Panthers have always been a very good shooting team under Ben Jacobson. Inside Bud Walton Arena, the Panthers played the role of spoiler but came up short. However, their three point shooting was red hot, 17-37 from deep…. That’s an exceptional rate considering at one point with seven minutes left in the game they were shooting 50% from deep.

Although, a lot of shots went down and it seemed like their leading scorer, Trae Berhow (7-11 from three) couldn’t miss even with a man in his face it doesn’t mean the Razorbacks played terrible defense. Some nights, when you’re hot, you’re hot and Berhow was. If the Panthers missed just three of their contested shots Arkansas could’ve almost won by 20-points and this would hardly be a discussion and no one would really be worried.

The Panthers three point shooting has been below average this season compared to other Jacobson led teams. They came into last night’s game as the 210th ranked three point shooting team in college basketball, with a 1-2 record coming in which isn’t normal for their program.

Arkansas picked up a win last night and that’s all that matters. But, there has been an overreaction to the three point defense.

Things could be worse but the Razorbacks are still able to find ways to win just like they did last night. This Arkansas team is able to flip a switch when needed to make a run in order to pull away from their opponent.
Three point defense can be a concern but Musselman has proven that he can teach a stellar defense whether it is early in the season or midway through like last season.

Stay calm and call those Hogs. Arkansas has a very good team and could go very deep come March.