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PREDICTIONS! Hogs vs Tigers

NCAA Football: Mississippi State at Arkansas Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

GRAHAM: The Hogs go into Death Valley and thump the Tigers tomorrow night. Both teams experienced emotional rollercoasters in week ten. A last-minute Razorback touchdown and missed Mississippi State field goal helped Arkansas gain their sixth victory and bowl eligibility. LSU played no. 2 Alabama to within a possession but failed to score on the final drive. This weekend, I think the Hogs will be the hot team while LSU is hungover from their battle with the Tide. Ed Orgeron announced this week that LSU will rotate quarterbacks Max Johnson and freshman Garrett Nussmeier on Saturday. The Tiger offense has been streaky all year, and adding a dual quarterback rotation may stall their offense. Look for the Razorback ground game to take control of this game early and cruise to the finish line. Arkansas runs hog wild in Baton Rouge on Saturday night!

Hogs 34 - Tigers 21

DAN: It’s been almost two years since KJ Jefferson has led a Razorback team in Death Valley. Under much different circumstances, sure, but this isn’t his first rodeo in Baton Rouge. The Razorbacks are coming off of a thriller of a victory against Mississippi State, and they seem to have all the momentum.

Still, it’s Death Valley. At night. Against a rival. LSU gave Alabama all they could handle a week ago, and if it weren’t for some questionable decisions by Coach Orgeron, they might have pulled the upset. Ed Orgeron has 3 games left in Death Valley, and I think his team will still fight for him.

Unfortunately for Arkansas, I think the lights are still a tad bright in Death Valley.

LSU wins a tight one, 31-28.

ZACH: I am a sucker for Arkansas and LSU games. Although the last few years haven’t been the greatest for the Hogs, this battle has a rich history.

Arkansas is back on the SEC winning train after last week. LSU gave up a close one in Tuscaloosa last Saturday.

I’ll take the Hogs in this one with a close victory. Regardless of record, LSU is LSU. They will always have the necessary respect in any game.

Most years I would likely pick LSU if the game is in Baton Rouge. However, this year is a little different.

Arkansas is not the same Arkansas from a few years ago. KJ Jefferson is getting better every week. Dominique Johnson has “assumed the head role” in the backfield in an impressive manner.

Treylon Burks could be the best receiver in college football and no Derek Stinlgey for the Tigers doesn’t help their case.

Our defense concerns me weekly, but our young defensive backs have and will continue to improve.

Hogs 38, LSU 28

JACOB: Honestly, what to expect this week? Coach Ed Orgeron is a lame duck coach. There’s a lame duck coaching staff. The LSU Tigers have one of the more talented rosters in the county but have been hurt up and down it’s depth chart. This Tiger team put a lot into their close loss last week against Alabama but how will they respond emotionally, physically and mentally?

Arkansas is the leads the SEC (5th in NCAA) rushing the football. They could face a LSU that isn’t very motivated to play. My guess is Arkansas rushes for 200 yards while passing for close to 300 with KJ Jefferson. The Razorbacks will roll in this one in 2015 style.

_Hogs 38, LSU 14