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Pittman Is Assembling A Young, Inexperienced Staff But Trust Him

Before coming to Arkansas as head coach, Sam Pittman made a living as what seemed like a lifetime assistant coach on the offensive line. Little did we know, he was just being groomed to one day become the head coach at his dream job: Arkansas Razorback Football.

For most of the previous two weeks have been spent in speculation among a fan base that is very opinionated on the recent additions.

The assistant coaches that have been hired have just as much experience as the ones they replaced before they joined the Arkansas staff.

Before Arkansas, Justin Stepp had limited experience but had to prove himself as an ace recruiter and solid coach on the rise.

Stepp’s replacement, Kenny Guiton could be a solid assistant for Pittman and is a friend of Briles. Both of them saw enough in Guiton that they brought him on. Obviously, his experience at Houston and Colorado State was enough for them to judge off of.

Rion Rhoades had plenty of experience at the JUCO level but none in the SEC or Power-Five level. PIttman replaced him with Michael Scherer who was a fantastic linebacker at Missouri before tearing his ACL. Defensive coordinator, Barry Odom brought him on as a graduate assistant and decided he deserved a chance to coach on the field.

Now, with the hire or coach Cody Kennedy, he definitely recruited well at Tulane. TULANE! He was a graduate assistant under Pittman during his time at Georgia. It looks like Pittman thought enough of him to hire him to coach the tight ends. I do think Pittman and maybe Brad Davis will be grooming Kennedy to become another very good offensive line coach. He has the coaching pedigree so far!

Remember when Sam Carter was a questionable hire when he first came to Arkansas? He was a graduate assistant for Barry Odom but proved himself on 2020. He coached one of the most improved piece of the defense. Which included an all-American safety, Jalen Catalon.

I say trust Pittman. Trust his judgement. He knows what it takes to be an assistant coach in the FBS. Go Hogs!