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Recruiting Tidbits: Men’s Basketball

Arkansas has a heavy amount of talent to recruit instate. Can they land the services of Nick Smith

It is very well known instate that Arkansas has a lot of rising talent in the three major sports. A lot of that talent resides in central Arkansas. Seeing success stories like Davonte Davis, Moses Moody, Bobby Portia, Daryl Macon, Dusty Hannahs and many more have been the heartbeat of prep basketball in the Natural State.

Recently, I was able to catch up with one of my basketball insiders on the recruitment on top 30 prospect, Nick Smith of Sylvan Hills High School.

He told me that Smith “really loves Arkansas and really loves Eric Musselman and the basketball program.”

He really emphasized the word “love” while we talked. It made it think there is a really possibility Arkansas could land the very talented combo guard.

I asked if he considered going the prep route similar to Moody and KK Robinson and he said no. He really likes the state and wants to stay home for school. People around Smith believe that he is a one-and-done right now and could shoot up into the top 10 for the 2022 class prospect rankings.

Smit is already the 2nd rated shooting guard in the country. So, it would take a lot for him to move up from his current spot. However, it is not out of the realm by any means.

Another bit that was shared with me is that if North Carolina, Duke and Kansas get “heavily involved” it could change things. But he did say Arkansas is in a good spot.

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