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Hog Quarterbacks Play “Not Acceptable” During Scrimmage

“They did not look good,” said Pittman. “They did not make good decisions. Their performance was not acceptable at quarterback position.”

Western Kentucky v Arkansas Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

The 2019 preseason practices and scrimmages gave us a preview of what the actual season would actually be. The defense seemed to be light years ahead of the offense. We were expecting to see an improved defense last season based on the fact the defense were able to hoist the championship belt each week during fall practice. Fast forward to the 2020 preseason and it is not much of the same. The offense was able to do great things through the first scrimmage but seems that the defense took note of their not so great performance and were able to bounce back this week.

During the post-scrimmage press conference, Pittman was able to meet with the media and shared his thoughts on the scrimmage. In response to the defense’s good performance this weekend Pittman says do not worry there should not be a concern.

“I’ve been around a long time and it would be a concern if one side wins every week in the scrimmage,” said Pittman.

Obviously, it was not that much of a concern for the last staff but to Pittman he sees it as some kind of weekly battle. More of an anything you can do I can do better approach.

Pittman did say the quarterbacks did not have the type of day expected out of the position group.

“(Quarterbacks) did not look good. They did not make good decisions. Their play is not acceptable at the quarterback position,” said Pittman.

Pittman did go on moments later to praise his players and not be so harsh on the focal point of the offense.

“Proud of our kids and the quarterbacks, too. We are a different team than a week ago,” said Pittman.