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Position Flip Flop and Update On Freshman That Has Not Reported

Incoming freshman, Jaqualin McGhee will not enroll at Arkansas this fall. During Coach Sam Pittman’s interview today, he announced that McGhee will not be with the team and not enroll at Arkansas. This comes with speculation after McGhee, who signed with Arkansas on National Signing Day, did not show to Fayetteville for the beginning of the strength and conditioning period.

Out of Peach County High School in Georgia, McGhee was the 75th overall defensive end in the class of 2020. At 6’4 255, fans thought he we would have been a great addition to the line as a freshman. Cincinnati, West Virginia and Kansas State were the other notable offers for McGhee coming out of high school.

When he mentioned McGhee not wanting to play football anymore it encouraged Pittman to move Blayne Toll back to defensive end where he was recruited. He had a funny bit to say after that. “I think he’s going to be a really good player. I talked him into wearing number 96 when he moved over there because I wore 96. Nobody knows it because I wasn’t any good or anything, but my college number was 96, so I told him he had big shoes to fill if he wore 96, and he took it,” said Pittman.