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Pittman: We are 85-90 percent installed offensively.

Alabama State v Florida State Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

Many Razorback fans take it as a joke but honestly, it is. Before the pandemic hit and media accessibility to coaches dried up, they had the opportunity to meet with the football staff.

Back in February Trey Biddy of asked offensive coordinator Kendal Briles about the install of the offense and if it would be implemented by the season or take longer. Surprised by the question, “when the season starts we better be,” Briles replied. Honestly, with the past two seasons and the pathetic schedule that former head coach, Chad Morris had the offense on you knew the question would be asked at some point. It just had to be by Biddy who has been known for a long time as a straight shooter, no bull guy when it comes to getting answers.

With the offensive installation being this far in the process of fall camp fans can expect to see it fully installed by the season which begins on September 26, 2020 with Georgia. Maybe Arkansas fans see a basketball on turf type offense run in Fayetteville this season.

At least with previous staffs you knew what you were getting. With Houston Nutt it was the run first and pass when needed. Under Petrino they were known for the finesse, high octane style of offense. Which was quite the opposite from the regime before and it did not take two years to have an offense that stinking resembled what Petrino was trying to create. Under Bielema it returned to the ground and pound and it worked despite the 2017 season. With Morris, Arkansas never got into second gear. Heck, they never even made off the bus as it felt most weeks. Here we are now 32 days away from the season being played and we know that Briles has the offense where he wants it.