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Block for Rakeem Boyd

The Last, Best Chance for Football in 2020

On Thursday, Gov. Asa Hutchinson finally issued a mandate that masks be used in public, with limited exceptions. As the number of Covid-19 infections increase in the state, Arkansans have been given a task of utmost importance.

Open up a hole for Rakeem Boyd.

Wearing a mask in public, washing your hands often, and keeping six feet of distance from other people is what we’re going to need for our blessed running back to get 1500 rushing yards this fall. Not doing these things means that we’ve seen the last of #5 in a Razorback uniform. That’s leaving points on the field, and we can’t abide it.

Three million offensive linemen are on the team now. The call is a dive up the middle. Nothing fancy, nothing you can’t do. Everyone’s put on some weight this off-season, so it’s just a matter of executing. Wear your dang mask.

NCAA Football: Western Kentucky at Arkansas
Our good, good #5
Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

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