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Know Thy Enemy: A Friendly-ish Q&A With Red Cup Rebellion

We sat down with the folks at RCR to talk about the game this weekend. Here’s what they had to say!

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NCAA Football: Mississippi State at Mississippi Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

Ahead of the game against Ole Miss, we chatted with OneMan2Beat of Red Cup Rebellion. After making sure that Hugh Freeze couldn’t see us from his press box hospital bed, and that Chad Kelly was unable to break into the studio, I was able to get some questions asked:

What is the mood after the loss to Memphis?

I’m pretty sure there was at least one fraternity on campus with a “Fire Matt Luke” sign hanging in front of it, so things were pretty volatile for a good portion of the fanbase. I think there are still plenty of fans who want to see the program succeed under Luke as an Ole Miss legacy, but it seems pretty evident he will not be the guy long term to lead the program to success if a win at Memphis in what is honestly his THIRD year is too much to ask.

Who are the key players we should look out for on offense?

I’d say Scottie Phillips at running back is pretty essential to our success. He was our leading rusher against Memphis, and he’ll be the starter out of the backfield though Jerrion Ealy will also get some looks as well. If Phillips goes for 100 yards, then the offense has probably found its footing under first year offensive coordinator Rich Rodriguez. Redshirt freshman quarterback Matt Corral is undoubtedly the best option under center, but he had a very underwhelming performance against Memphis behind a shoddy offensive line. Corral is a former Elite 11 QB with plenty of arm talent and speed, so if he is gaining yards through the air and on the ground, he can be dangerous with some confidence.

How about the defense?

Benito Jones anchors the defensive line and his interception, yes, INTERCEPTION in the Memphis game made it seem like a momentum changing moment. Ultimately, it wasn’t but Jones is the heart and soul of the defense in my opinion. He’s a solid SEC player and a senior, so if he is getting into your backfield, it’s going to cause chaos for the offense and greatly benefit the Ole Miss defense.

If Ole Miss wins, it will be because ____.

Rich Rod figures out a way to get Ole Miss 24 or more points. I think the changes on defense to a 3-4 scheme have been very positive, and there’s some decent belief the Rebel defense will be able to hold Arkansas to less than 20 points. This is the Arkansas-Ole Miss game though, so I’m fully expecting nothing to go as expected.

For traveling Hog fans, what are some cool places to check out that are maybe off the beaten path?

I’m a fan of hitting up Volta Taverna north of the square maybe half a mile or so - it’s a converted gas station into a Greek restaurant. They’ve got solid margaritas and good food that’s classic Greek and some spin-offs with a Mississippi take to them.

We’d like to thank the folks at RCR for working with us this week. If you’d like to know how we answered the questions, you can see those right here, and if you’d like a more in-depth preview with a more in-depth discussion of Houston Nutt, check that out here.

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