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Draft Profile: Armon Watts

Following a Breakout Season, Watts Seeks to Break Into the League

NCAA Football: Eastern Illinois at Arkansas Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports


Armon Watts

What Position?

Defensive Tackle

How Big?

He’s a real big boi

Yeah, but like actual numbers

6’-5”, 300 lbs


  • Mobile on the line, can play where needed
  • Extremely tough
  • Great hand technique that he’s based on known large man Aaron Donald
  • Great hands during engagement with offensive linemen
  • Can pressure passers with his presence


  • Wasn’t productive until his senior year
  • Scouts describe him as “Tardy getting off the snap and up the field”
  • Could be better at stopping run plays

The Skinny:

Armon Watts burst onto the scene his senior season, and never looked back. He racked up 7 sacks, shining amid an otherwise lackluster performance from Arkansas’ defense throughout the year. A true testament to studying technique, and being receptive to coaching, one year in John Chavis’ system changed Watts’ future, and earning him a shot at the big time.

Projected Round:

Fifth or Sixth, but has high potential to play above his draft spot

Who Would He Be If He Was An Avenger:

Drax the Destroyer