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Meet Tucker Partridge

An Introduction to Arkansas Fight’s New Site Manager

Hello there!

My name is Tucker Partridge, and I’m ecstatic to announce that I’ve been named the new site manager of Arkansas Fight! I’d like to take a moment to introduce myself, as well as to hopefully outline some of my vision for this site. Don’t worry, I won’t be posting articles about myself every week from here on! Rather, I’d like to be the first person to get us headed in a new direction.

Simply put, I think there’s a potential for something really special here, and I think that starts with you. Arkansas Fight needs to become a bastion for Razorback fans young and old, and that can’t be done without you— the Razorback community. What makes this school and fandom so unique is that special sense of community statewide (and even nationwide), and I think we can curate something like that here. So stick with us, give us a chance, and I promise we’ll give you a site of which you can be proud, and one you’ll want to check every day, offseason or not.

I’ve had some discussions over the past couple of weeks to determine what seems missing from Arkansas sports, and the three biggest answers I got were a desire for quality content, a younger perspective, and a willingness to have fun. I can say with confidence that we’ll do our best to exceed those expectations.

Quality Content

I think one of the advantages of SB Nation’s model is that it’s run by people who can unabashedly support their favorite teams. With that said, sometimes sports media can result in too much fluff, not reaching the deepest, or most pressing questions that fans have. I think we can be a great voice for that. By building up that community I previously mentioned, we’ll be able to tap into what’s actually on the mind of Arkansas fans, and use that influence to make sure those questions get asked. This will ensure that we all get the quality content we want.

A Younger Perspective

This will be an easy expectation to meet: I’m a 23 year old recent graduate of the University, and my perspective has been described as “youthful as heck.” I think there’s a generation of Razorback fans that isn’t being reached due to youth, and we’ll do our best to remedy that as soon as possible. This doesn’t mean we’ll be hosting sitewide Apex Legends matches (although that might be awesome), but it does acknowledge that not every generation communicates the same way. If a communication outlet works for some, but not for others, we’ll do our best to find where the breakdown is, and mend it. Everyone should be a part of the Arkansas family, so we’re going to make it happen however we can.


The beauty of this site is that it can be whatever we as a community want it to be. There’s a lot of really creative ways we can create engaging, enjoyable content that’s pertinent to Arkansas without being stuffy or full of ourselves. Part of the reason we enjoy sports is because they’re games. Let’s bring the fun back to these games! If you have ideas, shoot them our way, and we’ll see if we can make them happen! The sky's the limit to what we can do.


My Favorite Arkansas Football Win

While there are many, many games to choose from, the one that sticks with me the most is the 2014 game in Fayetteville against LSU. Why was this game so special? Because we broke a massive losing streak in the SEC, against a huge rival, stormed the field, and I was there!

My buddy Elliot Hickam (left) and I (right, duh) take a rest at the 50 yard line after the celebrations.

And I was on the student section gate when it broke:

Top 10 Scary Moments of My Life

My Favorite Arkansas Basketball Win:

Is this even a contest?

My Favorite Arkansas Baseball Win:

How could you hate when Baylor did us a favor in 2012 and let us win Game 2 of the Super Regional?

Odds and Ends:

When not working, I may be found performing improv comedy with the award-winning group, Rodeo Book Club, a staple of the Northwest Arkansas region.

In my spare non-Razorback time, I love playing trivia, watching movies and television, and cheering on my beloved San Antonio Spurs and Liverpool FC.

In Summation

I’m honored to be managing this site going forward, and think we can all be a part of something really special. We’ll give this site the old Chad Morris treatment, hammer down, full-tilt boogie! I hope you are joining us on the ride!