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SEC Power Rankings: Top Teams Dominate

The conference’s best shined this week.

NCAA Basketball: Kentucky at Mississippi State Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

14. Vanderbilt

The losing streak is up to 11 now.

13. Georgia

The good news for Georgia is they landed Anthony Edwards. All eyes are on the future now.

12. Missouri

Losing at home to Texas A&M is really rough. That first day of the SEC Tournament is looking more and more likely for the Tigers.

11. Texas A&M

Yeah a road win will bump you up a couple spots when you’ve struggled this much.

10. Florida

The Gators are sitting at 12-11 and are 4-6 in SEC play. The schedule gets a lot easier but those NCAA Tournament hopes may be gone.

9. Arkansas

The Hogs will almost certainly need to go 2-0 this week for the NCAA Tournament, even going 1-1 is still ahead of schedule for what was expected of them.

8. Ole Miss

Got the job done against two teams at the bottom this week. Breein Tyree was a big factor in getting the Rebels back on the NCAA Tournament track.

7. South Carolina

They’re proving to be incredibly tough to beat at home. On the road is another story however.

6. Mississippi State

They couldn’t beat one of the conference’s top-3 teams in their two shots this week. An overtime loss to LSU and a close one to Kentucky had them so close to that signature win.

5. Alabama

Another example of taking care of business against the bottom of the conference. The only thing really missing for the Tide is a quality road win.

4. Auburn

They took down the Gators at home and fell on the road to LSU. They slotted in the exact spot expected of them from last week.

3. LSU

The Tigers really put a gap between the top three of the SEC and the rest of the pack. LSU is 19-4 now and just beat two teams right on their heels.

2. Kentucky

The Vols are the clear top dogs in the SEC this year, but Kentucky is playing outstanding and gunning for a 1-seed as well. John Calipari has the Wildcats rolling with 10 straight wins.

1. Tennessee

They’re just on another level right now. They weren’t their best this week and still got two double digit wins. Grant Williams is running away with SEC Player of the Year.