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SB Nation FanPulse: A Polarized Fanbase

Arkansas fans feel very differently about basketball and football.

You don’t have to show Arkansas fans much to get confidence. People who call Arkansas fans impatient or unreasonable are wrong, and we can mathematically prove it with our SB Nation FanPulse poll. Football has naturally plummeted to zero percent confidence:

That’s gonna happen after a blowout loss to a bad Mississippi State team. The team showed no signs of life for most of the game, and was outplayed, outschemed, and outcoached.

However, after a very brief glimpse of what Eric Musselman had to offer (even before the Rice blowout), Hog fans are 100% confident in the direction of the program:

Obviously there’s a lot of the season left to go, but what a representation of Hog fans. We don’t need to be world beaters to have faith in a program. You just have to show progress. I don’t think winning winnable games is an unreasonable expectation for football. Maybe basketball won’t stay at 100%, but I bet it stays high unless the wheels fall off.

Don’t let anyone tell you we’re unreasonable to expect better. Arkansas was featured 6 times in ESPN’s 150 Best College Football Games ever played. We’re a historic program that deserves a spot perennially in the top 25. Don’t tell me we don’t belong.

Around the country, the top 25 shaped out as such:

Yeah, we still get to play number 1 LSU in Death Valley. Joy. At least Joe Burrow will get his Heisman numbers boosted.

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