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University of Arkansas Announces $160 Million Stadium Reduction

The Board of Trustees has approved the renovation which will be completed this year.

The Stadium will seat 30,000 sad fans.

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. – Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium will soon be changing to better meet the needs of Razorback fans. On Friday, the University of Arkansas Board of Trustees approved a $160 million stadium reduction that will further enhance the Home of the Razorbacks for the benefit of all fans.

“To meet the plummeting demand in tickets for football games, we’re thrilled to move forward with the stadium reduction” Director of Athletics Hunter Yurachek said. “The project will dramatically decrease the capacity of the stadium to 30,000 by simply removing top level seats and both endzones. This will create the optimal situation for Razorback fans both in Fayetteville, and the state as a whole.”

The decision comes in the wake of many of the lowest attended games since the 2001 expansion taking place this year. Many amenities have been announced to augment the fan experience on game days, including state of the art technology:

Virtual Reality. The University has acknowledged that times used to be better. As a result, Oculus headsets will be available at every concession stand. Fans may view former Razorback games, including such classics as the 2011 Southwest Classic, the 2000 Cotton Bowl, the 1978 Orange Bowl, and many more. The Oculus headsets are waterproof, so please cry as much as you need to.

Complimentary Paper Bags at Every Seat. The University understands the rising levels of shame at Razorback Stadium, and will offer fans a customizable experience of only the best quality paper bags. You can cut two eyeholes, one eyehole, or for the truly ashamed, no eyeholes for your viewing pleasure.

The Void. Following the trend established by the Dallas Cowboys, fans can use digital boards to create lasting memories. Where the Cowboys boards allow you to take photos with the team, this is simply a black void that fans can stare into— one lucky fan per game will have the void stare back!

The void offers a truly state of the art experience.

“It is an incredible honor to announce this project— one that matches the ambitions of our football program, and exceeds the expectations of fans,” said Yurachek. “I can’t wait to see the first fans stare into the void!”

The project will be completed by the Western Kentucky game.

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