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Confidence in Arkansas Football is Down Again

And it’ll probably stay down for everything short of a miracle.

NCAA Football: Arkansas at Kentucky Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

It’s that time of the week where we examine your votes for Top 25, and I’m excited to report that after a dismal start to the season, we still have yet to face three top 10 teams. Yippee. Here’s how the top 25 turned out:

Yay. We get to play number 1, number 2, number 8, and number 18... Appalachian State’s coach went to Arkansas Tech, so that’s kinda cool, I guess.

As for our weekly confidence vote, after being singlehandedly demolished by Wide Receiver turned Quarterback Lynn Bowden Jr., it’s plummeted to 23.1%. I don’t know who is still voting that they are confident in the direction of the program, but I’ll have what you’re having. Here’s how confidence has progressed this season:

I think this goes to show how little this coaching staff would actually have to accomplish to get people hopeful again. Time and time again, Arkansas fans have been patient, and have even rewarded “quality losses” like the loss to A&M. Yet time and time again, this coaching staff bungles those hopes, and we end up being rewarded for our hopes with devastation.

We’ll be doing a deeper dive into where we go from here on the podcast Wednesday, but suffice to say, things look pretty grim for Chad and company. I’ve said it several times: apathy is the death of a program— not anger. When confidence drops, ticket sales stop, and attendance is the end all, be all decider on a coach’s longevity.

I can’t believe we’re here. I really can’t believe it.

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