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Spring Football Game: 3 Observations

Spring ball is finished. What do we see?

NCAA Football: Coastal Carolina at Arkansas Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Chad Morris’ first set of practices are over and now we have to wait for the season opener against Eastern Illinois. We saw plenty of RPO’s, deep balls, and shot gun snaps in the new offense and there was mixed results. That’s to be expected with the team drinking from the fire hose learning a new system. But what are some things we actually learned?

No Clear Front Runner For Starting QB

Both Cole Kelley and Ty Storey had near identical games today. Both threw for 126 yards and a TD. Both hit receivers on the move for some nice completions, and both also had some misses that would have been big plays. Kelley had a slightly higher completion percentage but Storey had a higher QB rating. Kelley looked a little more comfortable running RPO’s and can still be used in short yardage packages. It may not be called the steamboat package anymore, but we still saw him lowering his head and getting a short yardage first down.

The point is right now it’s splitting hairs.

Storey was the first to walk out and lead the first team offense, but as of today Kelley might have the slightest of advantages due to his game experience, but right now both have the opportunity in the fall to grab hold of the starting job.

Defense Ahead of Offense

This was to be expected with the new offensive system being installed, but the defense, especially the secondary looked right at home. Ryan Pulley was a very welcome return to the field with his three PBU’s and two tackles. The defense also had nine tackles for loss, led by Jemario Bell and Randy Ramsey who each had two.

With no McTelvin Agim or Armon Watts the front seven was a little short handed, but still kept the first team offense in check for the majority of their time out there.

Tight Ends Will Be Utilized

Both of the passing touchdowns on the day went to Cheyenne O’Grady, one going for a 53 yard catch and run. While the offense is transitioning to a more speed oriented offense, the current group of receivers isn’t quite there yet so Morris is going to use the weapons he has at his disposal.

Right now O’Grady, Will Gragg, Jeremy Patton, and even Greyson Gunter are going to be used as part of the offense. That will help now with the quality of the offense, and potentially in the future with the recruiting of Hudson Henry, the top tight end in next year’s recruiting class.