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SEC Baseball Recap: The West is a Mess

We hit the home stretch with a huge logjam.

Miss State Sweeps Arkansas

After all those good feelings from last week and a midweek win over Missouri State, Arkansas got a rude reminder of how tough life is on the road in the SEC. The Bulldogs have steadily improving and their last three weekends (6-3 vs. Ole Miss, at Auburn, and vs. Arkansas) have been as impressive as it gets. Still the results puts Arkansas right in the middle of a huge mess in the west.

South Carolina Sweeps LSU

How’s that for an unexpected result? After taking the first two, the Gamecocks swept LSU and knocked them back to the middle of the SEC. For South Carolina, the sweep is doing wonders for their NCAA Tournament chances, and with a very difficult remaining schedule, it was exactly what they needed.

Ole Miss Wins Series vs. Georgia

Georgia took another series opener but couldn’t finish the deal. Ole Miss’ series win puts them back on top in the division due to their tiebreaker over Arkansas. Georgia continues to show they’re close to being in the top half of the conference, but can’t quite get over the hump.

Auburn Sweeps Alabama

Auburn got back in the thick of things in the division by taking Alabama behind the woodshed. If the 19-5 and 5-0 wins weren’t enough, they were up 9-5 in the series finale when they went for an 11 run 8th inning just to make the domination complete with a 20-5 score. The Tigers outscored Alabama 44-10 this weekend and things have gotten even worse for the Tide who look like the bottom of the conference.

Florida Wins Series at Kentucky

Florida did their usual series win this weekend and are running away with the East and the entire conference as a whole. They cruised in the first to games by a combined score of 20-6 before Kentucky was able to avoid getting swept at home.

Missouri Wins Series vs. Vanderbilt

Vandy couldn’t keep serve with Florida on their road series and have fallen even more behind in the process. Missouri squeaked out 2-1 and 3-1 wins to rebound nicely after getting swept by the Gators in the previous weekend.

Tennessee Wins Series vs. Texas A&M

Texas A&M had a shot to get to the top of the west but couldn’t get past Tennessee this weekend. While Arkansas had a bad weekend, the results elsewhere (like this one) made it much more easy to swallow than it otherwise would have been. The Vols are staying over .500 and trying to make a push for the NCAA Tournament but will have to continue winning tough series like this one.



  1. Ole Miss (32-9, 10-8)
  2. Arkansas (28-13, 10-8)
  3. Texas A&M (29-11, 9-9)
  4. Auburn (29-12, 9-9)
  5. LSU (24-17, 9-9)
  6. Miss State (22-19, 8-10)
  7. Alabama (22-20, 5-13)


  1. Florida (34-8, 14-4)
  2. Georgia (27-13, 10-8)
  3. Vanderbilt (24-16, 10-8)
  4. S Carolina (23-17, 9-9)
  5. Missouri (27-13, 8-10)
  6. Kentucky (26-14, 8-10)
  7. Tennessee (24-18, 7-11)