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Hogs Get Blasted in 2018 Finale

Mercifully the season is over.

NCAA Football: Arkansas at Missouri Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

It was cold, rainy, and especially ugly for a season finale both on the scoreboard and the field. Anyone who could make out players through the rain soaked camera lens watched the Hogs get rocked by a score of 38-0 to the Missouri Tigers. Ty Storey didn’t even last through the first half, getting replaced by Connor Noland after an interception and a fumble that was recovered by Fayetteville native Akial Byers.

Arkansas was down 28-0 at halftime and no one would have objected to a running clock in the second half. Arkansas was stoned in the running game, getting just 45 yards, although that was heavily affected by the -41 from Noland. The fourth quarter didn’t provide much reprieve for the Hogs in terms of the scoreboard.

And with that, the worst season in Razorback football has come to a close. Arkansas was outplayed on offense, defense, and special teams. Out coached and out recruited, they were dismantled by a team with a solid running program and Arkansas could do nothing to stop it.

Onward to 2019, where things hopefully get better, because they really can’t get worse.