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Throwback Thursday: Hogs Win In Starkville

Going back to a cold day against the Bulldogs.

Holmes runs against the Sooners Getty Images

We had some business to attend to last week, but rest assured we are back this week with a look back at the Hog victory over MSU on the road in 2000. Going into this game, Arkansas knew it needed to win it and the LSU game the following week to ensure bowl eligibility.

The weather was horrendous. Temperatures didn’t get above freezing all day, and they were also icy so the teams grounded it out. The conditions has a huge impact on the game, the Hogs only had 68 passing yards and threw three interceptions. Neither team got much going on offense as there were only 24 first downs combined between the two sides.

Little did Arkansas know what Brandon Holmes had in his cupboard. He was a one-man wrecking crew from his tailback position, running for 95 yards on 16 carries and two touchdowns. He led the Hogs to the 17-10 overtime victory.

He would play a critical role the following week in Arkansas’ win over LSU in Little Rock, in the same icy conditions.

Holmes would actually get moved to defense later in his career. Shocking.

Anyway, here’s WARMACHINE2013’s video highlights.