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Arkansas Announces 25th Anniversary Throwbacks

Slobberin’ Hog back??

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It’s been 25 years since Scotty Thurman’s shot dropped and the Hogs went on to beat Duke in the 1994 NCAA National Championship. To commemorate it, the Hogs will have all kinds of events going on, including throwback uniforms and the slobberin’ hog making its way back to merchandise.

There were no mentions of a throwback court, only specifically mentions of having it on merchandise but if the athletic department really wanted to go big on a throwback night, they could put down a logo on the court, similar to what some NBA teams have done with alternate courts recently. There’s nothing there but speculation, and I would be pretty surprised if they went all in with the slobberin’ hog court, bit it’s still good to see the athletic department having it back in the rotation in some capacity.

The 1994 throwback unis were announced but a date wasn’t mentioned. It also specifically says “game(s)” so they’re purposefully keeping the possibility of wearing them multiple times open. There’s going to be a reunion for the 1994 team on March 2nd against Ole Miss, I’d almost guarantee the Hogs wear them that day. The home games against LSU and Missouri are likely candidates as well.