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Arkansas’ Late Surge Not Enough Against LSU

Sometimes you just don’t get out of your own way.

NCAA Football: Louisiana State at Arkansas
Right hand red!
Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

For a good stretch of this game, Arkansas looked absolutely dead in the water. LSU used their physical and athletic superiority to absolutely push the Hogs around in all phases of the game. The offense wasn’t able to get anything going and I mean anything. Like not hitting 100 total yards until the fourth quarter. And didn’t find the endzone until that same quarter. The Hogs only averaged 3.7 yards per play and 0.8 yards per rush.

We this play that encapsulated the entire game, season, and last couple of years in Arkansas football.

Yep that’s Jordan Jones and Rakeem Boyd running face first into each other. A comic miscommunication that feels so appropriate for this season of Arkansas football.

And somehow, with just over five minutes to go, it was a one possession game. It was 24-3 at the end of the third quarter and the Hogs had absolutely nothing going on offense. Then Ty Storey and the Hogs strung together a couple of drives. Cheyenne O’Grady caught two touchdowns, the first for 11 yards on a fourth down. The second was a 32-yarder.

Arkansas would have had a chance to, in the most improbable fashion, tie things up if they were able to get a stop. Instead, LSU was able to stay on the field with a 9-play, 58-yard drive that took up the remainder of the game clock and iced the game.

Now the Hogs are 2-8, and despite a valiant 10 minutes or so. Unfortunately for them, it takes a lot more than 10 good minutes to pull an upset. Now they’ll take things on the road for two more shots at avoiding their first season with double digit losses in school history.