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GAMETHREAD: Arkansas vs. LSU

Come watch the game with us!

It’s senior day in Fayetteville. The Hogs have two more games after this one, but the Battle for the Boot is the last one in front of Razorback fans. With such a big team and crowd coming to town (relatively), it’s naturally a big opportunity to show off Fayetteville and the program to recruits. There’s a big list of recruits starting with the class of 2019 all the way through 2022.

We’ve got the usual big stats preview for you as well. If you want to try and talk yourself into a potential upset, there are some numbers there for you that you can use! Of course remember the talent level of the two teams when doing so.

We talked with the good folks at And The Valley Shook about their team as well, its a good quick read if you’re looking for some info on the Tigers.

And if you can’t with football any more, well we have some basketball content for you. The Hogs opened the season last night and dropped a tough one in OT to Texas.